”Trials Fusion is a platform racing game developed by RedLynx in collaboration with Ubisoft Shanghai and Ubisoft Ukraine. A follow-up to the critically acclaimed Trials Evolution, it is the fifth game in the Trials series and is the first one to be released on a PlayStation platform.

Like previous games in the series, Trials Fusion presents an arcade take on the real-life sport of observed trials. The player controls a rider on a physics-based motorcycle from the start of the level to the end while navigating a number of obstacles. The game uses 3D graphics, but is played on a 2D plane, so the rider can only move forwards and backwards.”  source

a While back I tried Trials Evolution very briefly in multiplayer mode. I can’t say that I felt very exited or caught in the game, at all.. This summer when I ordered  my Xbox One I felt like I had to have some games to start with so I bought Trials Fusion – because it was cheap. The hard truth. Now I’ve played it for a couple of hours and feel very comfortable with the whole concept.

My character get on his bike and I wait for the start of the race. I press the right trigger of the control hard with my index finger. The bike blasts away. Then I face the very usual anti climax. A pause, the picture freezes and a voice tells me hello and welcome to the game, so I’m in a tutorial.

This is very frustrating to me. I wand to go bananas! I want to ride fast, do some tricks and fall really bad first. Just give me a second to play before i have to learn how to do it right!

After the tutorial I come in to a level based game where I find about eight levels of every chapter. Six of the levels are the ”main kind”. You have a way to ride, with a lot of obstacles and heights. You can get three results:

  • Bronze – get through the level.
  • Silver – get through the level, you may fall just one or two times
  • Gold – get trough the level, you can’t fall and have a time limit to beat.

The seventh and eighth level are usually different in several ways. Some times it’s a ”do a lot of tricks and get points”-level and other times its a ”fall further”-level.

The environment and settings in the game is supposed to be futuristic, in a little awkward way. Think – ”the year is 1984 and I’m picturing 2012”. Very.. space ships is flying around and exploding things.. (LAME)


Also the game has no story, at all, and that get’s really boring after a while. It kind of feels like everything you do in the game is pointless.

And then you have to think about the basics in a game. That would probably be graphics, sounds and story.

As I said, there is no story, so that one is done. The graphics is good. That’s it. Not fantastic, not breathtaking and not bad, but okay, good. Last but not least a game can go from good til great with an awesome soundtrack. In this game the creators must have thought .. no, they didn’t think. One song is the soundtrack. ONE SONG. And this one song contains one sectence : Welcome to the future.  … Come on.

Conclusion, the game is pretty bad. But still it’s kind of okay. I feel satisfied for at least 30 min and that’s more than a bad game does for me. don’t get me wrong – I would not recommend anyone to buy this game for money. For free? Absolutely playable.


Dead Island is an action role-playing survival horror video game developed by Polish Techland and published by German studio Deep Silver for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. It is centered on the challenge of surviving a zombie-infested open world island with a major emphasis on melee combat.

Dead Island features an apparent open world roaming, divided by relatively large areas, and played from a first-person perspective. Most of the gameplay is built around combat and completing quests.”

Let’s take a look at the dead MF’ers!

I borrowed Dead Island when it was brand new. I started playing it, and then it was there. The Grand Theft Auto-Syndrome. To explain this I can say that I’ve never, ever finished a GTA. That is because I have the option to find money and beat up people with baseball bats instead of doing the actual missions. This is the GTA-Syndrome. I eventually got bored of looting and killing so I quit and returned the game to the person I borrowed it from.

During February Xbox Live allowed gold members to download DI (and Toy Soldiers: Cold War) for free, YEAH! Me and some of clan Mogi decided to co-op. That did not go very well. One of four never actually succeeded to join the game. Then to get the time to, all at the same time, have gaming time was not very easy. Me and Plox (brother) managed to ”meet up” for some gaming. The beauty about this game is that you may play single player mode on your own and then co-op again, from the earliest save together.Cool!

So what happens is that you see a little intro that shows you your character on a paradise island, being drunk and nasty. There is a bit of panic among the crowd but you are obviously not picking up on that. Then you brawl in to a restroom where you find a, maybe, dead woman and you think ”oh pills on the floor!” you take them, go to your room and pass out on the pills.

Waking up to the apocalypse is not something I’d recommend anyone, because it sucks. But in this game you do, you do wake up from your pill madness and find some other madness. A zombie virus has spread and now, more or less everyone is a walking dead with a fine taste for your face.

You get to pick your character, and you have four different ones to choose between. Important input is that two of them (actually) are women. What their names are and who they are is not really something that is important in the story, and now after finishing that feels kind of strange. Like having a mission with a person and hanging out with them for days and have no clue about who they are.. hmm. Anyways, they are four, and here they are:


To be honest, that’s all I have to say about four playable characters. You run around with your weapon all alone with the zombies all over the place, and then you get to a cut scene and suddenly all of ”your friends” are there and you act like the fantastic four. I think that the game should either be just you all the time, or all four all the time. Like this the whole thing gets a cheap feel, like the makers didn’t put in effort enough to customize the cut scenes to who is playing.

The possibilities for weapons where really good. You could pick up pretty much everything to fight with. The downside is that it was a little bit to realistic (haha) and the weapons had a life-bar. So after a couple of beats with your bat it began to break and the more it broke the less damage it caused. Therefor you had a constant search for weapons though the whole game. A cool thing is that you were able to repair and upgrade, also mod your weapons. For money and/or with things you’ve looted you may upgrade your weapons to be electrifying, spiked, toxic etc. I liked that part.


After some chapters I found my first firearm, and everyone who is familiar with zombie games knows that firearms are note the ultimate weapon against the walking dead because you have to get a clean shot towards the head, and amo is a constant issue, but you can keep your distance and that is very comfortable when someone is trying to eat your brains.


Due to that I didn’t play the game in sequence I can’t really say that I have a fair perception of the time I spent on the campaign, but I bet it can be done a lot faster anyways. Besides the main missions there are side missions, some you need to do to receive objects that you need to complete the story. Then there are the side missions that just give you a kick ass machete and some cash, also nice to have.

In my opinion the achievements were a little bit overambitious, I mean, the makers of the game really wanted you to play this game FOREVER (no one explores the whole map in a open world game, ever..).

Overall I think that the game was amusing, a little bit scary and exiting. At fist it seemed to be kind of pathetic and lame, but I have to say that it grew on you a lot. So my advice to you – give it a real chance, maybe two.



Call of Duty is a game that has taken many hours, Days of my life. but to be honest I’ve never been very fond of the actual campaign play in CoD. This time I were positively surprised.

 ”Call of Duty: Ghosts is a 2013 first-person shooter video game developed by Infinity Ward, with assistance from Raven Software, Neversoft and Certain Affinity. Published by Activision, it is the tenth primary installment in the Call of Duty series and the sixth developed by Infinity Ward. The video game was released for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and Wii U on November 5, 2013”


The last couple of years I’ve been playing CoD and every time I find myself dragging through the campaign, getting bored and then get right to the action in a Team Deathmatch. This time I did exactly the same thing as usual.

Last week I sat home, waiting for my Xbox One:


…and it suddenly hit me that I haven’t played trough the whole campaign – so I did.


The basic story in CoD:

You’re a badass (man) that has been let down by a bigger, badder man and now you are looking for revenge. You get your revenge after a boat tip in the jungle and a explosive journey through a snowy landscape, and don’t get me wrong, they did include all this in this game as well but added some spice by having some space time, diving and a lot of vehicle driving.

Other than that 98% of the story was the same as before. And my time spent playing the game was also 98% as usual – online. After that I have to add my continuous disappointment about the total lack of achievements given online.

There obviously were some new surroundings, pretty good ones, missed Nuketown but found my self a new favorite..



We purchased one of the map packs and sadly, realized out mistake to late. All of the 13 year old boys that spend their puberty scratching their balls, playing CoD and forget to turn their headsets off when not using them, also bought the map pack and the level of resistance of the enemies went up by 200%. (Also the maps sucked.)

Other complains about the maps? Yeah, WHY THE HELL didn’t we get some in-space, under-water maps??

And after a page of whining, I have to say that the fact that you can be a woman in the online games was a great option, but then it wasn’t perfect – while sniping and holding your breath, it’s still a heavy manly sound you make.


That would be all for now, and I can add that I am very excited for the game that is up. Hit me!



civrev_nycc_hands-on-main”In Civilization, players strive to become Ruler of the World by establishing and leading a civilization from the dawn of man into the space age waging war, conducting diplomacy, discovering technologies, going head-to-head with some of history’s greatest leaders, and building the most powerful empire the world has ever known.”

Civilization Revolution is a turned based game about building your nation. You play as different great world leaders and you guide your people to growth and success.

You begin the game 4000BC with a Settler who will set the grounds for your empire. The first city is your Capitol and this will most likely be your metropolis, the bigger city. The access to woods, water and other land is critical to how well your city will evolve. from your cities you can build armies, new settlers who can make new cities, build monuments and other functional buildings. You will produce science that will take your nation forward, and you will harvest gold that obviously is good-to-have material.

When you start to feel good about production (or not) another greedy world leader will come and tell you to bend over or die, then you take a turn either way. I choose death most often and get a war to my neighbor countries for several hours to come playing Civ Rev.

So this might be the most boring game in the history of man, but still I find myself sitting there and thinking about how I will manage to rule the world once again, and then I sit there for 6 more hours. Obviously there is something pleasing about it and I like it. I’ve allways been a sucker for meaningless games like The Sims and Sim City so I guess this falls right In to that collection.


I’m not planning on writing a big review on this game because honestly I don’t think there is enough to say about it. But I’d like to say that I enjoy playing this game from time to time. It does not offer a big variation or great graphics, no fun theme songs or anything that makes you feel anyting at all, but you will scream out in rage when you get the achievement for 4G (if you’re a true achievement lover and have OCD), but calm your tits because when you’ve finished the first round you will have gotten another one for 11G and you are back on track.

I got the game for free while it was on Games with Gold, but if I were to pay for it I might have a different opinion.. (get it for free or buy it cheap and it’s worth your time)

Final score for Civilization Revolution is a ”game score” and an other bonus score for my personal pleasure.






Tomb Raider – Angelina Jolie with Square boobs, that is my very first thought about this phenomenal game. Therefore I wasn’t very impressed with my brothers suggestion, but I did give it a try and for that, I am really glad! What we are up for right now is (FINALLY) a review of Tomb Raider for Xbox 360!

So first of all I have to mention that gaming is much cheaper since we found out that the library is offering a great selection of games to borrow, for free. That is a good way to spend tax money! Tomb Raider is one of the games that I’ve borrowed from the library, but then after a couple of days I noticed that I own this game. I don’t know if that is a fail or just a lack of focus.. Well how ever the game I own is for PS3 and I don’t have a Play Station right now. And to be honest I don’t know where this is relevant to the review..

Okay – then to it! The game starts of at a big boat, a ship even, with Laura Croft and her mates and crew. Before I was digging in to the story I had no clue that Laura was an archaeologist and therefore I found it really strange that this pretty woman (well that’s awkward) found her self in really fucked up situations among cannibals and stuff.. BUT, she is an archaeologist – word of the day – and that clears up a whole lot of things to me! The boat ride is pretty much a ”clear up the relation story” part and then all of a sudden a great storm comes and the story goes all Cast Away.

I don’t really remember the story line between great storm and Laura waking up in a creepy cannibal cave somewhere, but then we fight our way out of the cave and in to the jungle on the island. The obvious story from there on is to find the crew, and get the fuck out of there. Thank god we have our walkie-talkie with a never ending battery! Okay I liked this game so I’m not gonna be all critical about the small parts. That takes me to the next point – the actual time line is very undefined. I have no clue about how long the game is supposed to depict, but when I think about it it’s not impossible that it’s supposed to be real-time. The total gaming time was about 35 hours (excluded the looking-for-all-shit-time). So Laura is searching for her crew, finds some, loses some. There were a great number of events during the game and to be honest it’s hard to say anything about it without spoiling. Over all picture – find friends, get off island, fail, find enemies, rescue people, find more enemies and then try to get home again. The story is good the whole time but somewhere towards the end I got the feeling that the story writers had insinuated themselves very much and had no other way to solve the story but to do the forbidden, involve supernatural events. OH NO! That was not something I appreciated at all. But whatever floats your boat, literally.

During the game you will have to find yourself some weapons, and skills. To my great surprise and joy, your main weapon is a bow. (To me all games with bows have a GREAT advantage in the grading).

The menu is very simple and really ”less is more” which is perfect to me. You have three different choices: Skills, Fast Travel, Gear. Let us take a look at that.

Laura’s skills is divided in to three categories, that you unlock trough investing your experience points, and that is possible to do at any Base Camp:


  • Animal Instincts
  • Survivalist
  • Advances Salvaging
  • Bone Collector
  • Arrow Retrieval
  • Scavenging
  • Climbers Agility
  • Orienteering
  • Cartogaphy


  • Steady Shot
  • Ammo Capacity
  • Heavy Lifter
  • Accomplished Killer
  • Bow Expert
  • Pistol Expert
  • Rifle Expert
  • Shotgun Expert


  • Pain Tolerance
  • Dirty Tricks
  • Axe Strikes
  • Axe Expert
  • Dodge Counter
  • Dodge Kill
  • Dodge Kill Mastery

This player has the option to have a strategy and go their own way.

The Gear section is where you mod and upgrade your weapons. In the game there is no money, gold or contraband. The valuables is the salvage – what you ”pay” your weapon upgrades with.

There is obviously a number of weapons you will use during the game, if you want that to be a surprise I recommend you to scroll a bit because i plan to go through them all, and fyi the range was nothing to cheer about. Here goes!


  • Axe
  • Bow
  • Pistol
  • Shotgun
  • Rifle

Yup, that’s it. But there are some upgrades to each one of them but that is not anything I will go through here because mainly, I think it’s irrelevant.

The big surprise in the game was the graphics. Not only one but several times during game play I had to stop and just look at the amazing views. There was a really nice link between time of the day – sunlight – and the events in the story.

Example: Larura is about to climb this big ass tower to fix something. The sun is setting. View during 2 min ladder climb – sunset. Beautiful.


So yet again I guess that the game has some advantage because I had no expectations at all, but the graphics were really, really good! Detailed nature, people and the collectables, relics, suck as old vases, were nice and you had the opportunity to act like the archeologist you were and search the objects for stamps or signs of history. Cool!

Other thoughts about the collectables where the GPS Caches… They are small, blinking things spread ALL over the map. How many? I don’t even remember, like 50? I gave up that mission almost right away and I think that it was a bad part of the game really.

”Tomb Raider Definitive Edition” will be released (has been released in many countries) for Xbox One and PS4. First thought: ”Am I supposed to do this all over again for extra cred??” But after some research I’ve found out that this is just a better edition of the game, same story and all but the difference is more or less the graphics. The new graphics has been improved, and a lot of the focus has been to Laura’s face. I think it’s nice for them who hasn’t yet played the game to try it on their Xbone or PS4 but for the ones who already played it, I don’t think it’s much of an idea to do it again.

I’ve been thinking about what more to say, but I’m afraid that I’m out of interesting things, so
I’m not going to drag this to the eternity. This is where I realize that I have said all the things I had to say about Tomb Raider. Total grade:



Hello Starshine, the earth says hello! So.. I’ve been having a bit of a dry couple of weeks on the blogging side of life. That might be because, lo and behold, I got myself a job!

Well, do not think I’ve been doing nothing else – I’ve been busy on my gaming aswell! I have received a lot of great suggestions of what to play and have not gone trough them all yet. But from now on I will try to be a bit more active on the updates and reviews. If you like my updates and miss me in between the posts (ha! As if!), you can follow me on my twitter and se some more frequent activities!

You find my Twitter at your right side of the screen, if you se everything correct on a computer and so on, or you just use your intelligent phone and search for @_pixeltopixel_ (in the app, Twitter)  OR you click THIS LINK to go right to it. I’m sorry for being very talkingtoaretard-evident here but now I have senior proofed the Twitter situation!

So, what I have to review in a near future is, among others, reads – Tomb Raider (Xbox), Donkey Kong (Wii), Mario Kart (Wii), Brothers (Xbox), Dead Island (Xbox), The Walking Dead (Xbox) and so on..! Damn I’ve been active!

That’s all I’ve got for you right now, over N out!


Rayman, Globox, and the Teensies are off wandering through an enchanted forest when they discover a mysterious tent filled with a series of captivating paintings. As they look more closely, they notice each painting seems to tell the story of a mythical world. While focusing on a painting that shows a medieval land, they are suddenly sucked into the painting, entering the world, and the adventure begins. The gang must run, jump and fight their way through each world to save the day and discover the secrets of every legendary painting.” 


I’ve got a friend that really likes secondhand shopping. She makes old and boring stuff shine like new and of course she makes me wonder ”why didn’t I think of that?”. One Saturday morning we decided to go to this flea market in town. So.. Obviously these people are sadistic -insert bad word here-s  and the start time of this SATURDAY EVENT is about 5.30am. Who does that? While there, she participate in a almost-wrestling match with other lyric shoppers. I’m drinking my coffee from a distance. Anyways, we go there and buy our preowned stuff and then drag ourselves back to that warm inviting couch where we started out a couple of hours earlier. Cold, starving and completely exhausted we reach out for a warming hand. Or a PS3 controller. Suddenly I’m playing Rayman for the first time in my life, as an adult. I’m loving it.

A couple of weeks later me and the famous Brother once again sat down to be amused by, what we thought and hoped to be, a good co-op game. I literally drove three times trough the city I live in to reach my copy of Rayman Legends but now. Now, it was time for us to play this game and it’s almost a bit awkward how excited I am at this point. We sign in to our Xbox Live profiles and start the game. Now we face a text about auto save, and that achievements is unlocked for player one only.

Pardon? Rayman. You are breaking my heart. This game was pleasure playing from the first minute and this is what Ubisoft decides to do? A big kick in the crotch for player two. This message means that the brother is out. (Because you could simply not play a game without reward…)

If I was to think about Rayman (before playing this game) I though about a lame platform game to PS1 from -95. That was it. He just stood there on the shelf next to Crash Bandicoot and wasn’t attractive at all. That was completely wrong! It took me about 10 seconds of playing before I was stuck. This is a fast, colorful and humoristic game that is enjoyable for a huge crowd.

While thinking about it, I enjoyed playing Crash as a kid. Where did he go?


I feel that it is a bit dangerous to just jump in to a game without playing it’s predecessors or really have a clue what it’s about, but a really good game allows new gamers to come in at all stages in the story. Then there’s the over welcoming games that allows you to come in the game at the level ”let’s tell the story every fifth minute” and that is slow, boring and repeating. I think it’s a fine line between these two but this time it is 100% the good alternative.


Sound – With 47 AMAZING tracks as soundtrack you can not help yourself but to sing, whistle or hum on these songs all the time. At the end of every level you face a ”music level” where you play with the rhythm of the song. That was my favorite part of the game, because you feel like a rockstar pulling it of to a perfectly synced song! The best thing about this is (hold on now, it’s getting real good!) that you can listen to the whole soundtrack on Spotify! You can try that by clicking HERE10/10

Animation & Characters – The animation in the game combines 2D and 3D graphics so you get a really nice layer to layer feeling with great depth! There are 32 playable ”Heroes” characters in the game where 10 of them is princesses you save during the game. And here the woman in me awakes and think HELL NO! I’m sick and tired of this bullsh*t princess in need concept BUT then we save the first princess, Barbara. After you’ve done this you can play as her, an help save her sisters. And these princesses, ladies and gentlemen, are not the kind in need. They are epic axe swinging, high jumping, ass kicking princesses. Besides the ten girls we have another 22 unbelievably personal characters to play as. One after one will unlock while playing the game, accept for two. The first of these heroes require the bizarre amount of 1 000 000 ”lums” which has pretty much the same function as the coins in other games. Collect the million and unlock ”Rayomz”.


The other character that you will cry trying to unlock is The Golden Teensy. To unlock this one you have to rescue every single Teensy in the whole game. That is a big job. 9/10

Story – What we’re having is a classic hero vs bad guy situation with the princess in need- with a twist. Ray the man jumps in to different themed worlds through paintings and do his thing. (I don’t know but have Rayman always used the panting-concept? To me it was a huge Mario 64 flashback..) What we are rescuing in the first place is our little blue friends the Teensies. We defeat frogs, pirates and other strange obviously evil-minded creatures. What we’ve seen before might be like a sleeping pill, but it can also work really good. I enjoyed, as everything else, the story very much. The only think that’s a bit remarkable is the ending scene to every chapter. Last level of every chapter ends with you chasing the bad wizard-guy in his little flying machine, rescue the last teensie and he gets stuck in something. You punch the hell of him and he ends up on the moon, and you do that a couple of times during the game. I think it feels kind of cheap to use the same event over and over, saving animation time or what is that about? To be honest I didn’t get that it was a new bad guy for every chapter until the very last one. So you end up with a lot of abductors on the moon and save the day. Yay!

Skärmavbild 2013-12-14 kl. 11.25.01

Complexity & Suitable Age – The game says that it’s suitable from seven and up, and I think that is an excellent assessment.  The first world is marked as ”one skull” which indicates the difficulty of the chapter. Then it goes up to seven(?) skulls later in the game. So, as a seven year old you think games is fun for about five minutes and then you end up playing the mini games or watching your brother, parent or neighbor playing. (while saying that I have to count off the years I’ve spent playing Pokémon on gameboy….) Anyhow, the game is suitable for everyone thanks to the escalating difficulty.

The complexity is discussable, the controls are few, simple and has a natural feel, but as I mentioned you accelerate the difficulty all the time and it turns out to be a game about 100% precision later on. It reminded me a lot about Super Meat Boy some times. Never ending story… lal alal ala

Interest – You might have gotten the point that I have been, and am, very exited over this game so the high score here speaks for itself. 8/10

Luck vs. Skill – In the first two worlds there is some room for luck but that is not the case in the higher levels. There is a major skill-build up during the game, so this is probably not one of these that you should keep on the shelf for a while half way through.

Achievement Generosity – As I mentioned before, it’s not just about enjoying a good game anymore. Since Xbox introduced us to achievements the gaming has been at a whole new life/death level. It’s almost a pitty because I can not sit down and think ”wow, this is fun!” but ”wow this is fun, or wait, only 20G in two hours?!”. So there is absolutely some pros and cons to the whole concept. Anyhow.. This was a niggardly bastard. To unlock the big ones you have to do things like ”rescue all..” ”get the diamond cup on all levels..” etc. so.. Not that much generosity here. As it is now, I’ve finished all the levels and done some hard work for some other achievements and I haven’t even reached 500G. 3/10

Overall Rayman Legends gets:


Like its predecessor, Epic Mickey 2 takes place in a world based on classic and retired Disney characters and attractions. The story begins sometime after the conclusion of the original Epic Mickey, with Oswald and the other Wasteland characters starting to rebuild their world. A series of earthquakes threaten to undo the work, but the Mad Doctor appears and convinces Oswald to join forces and combat the new menace. So Gus, the leader of the Gremlins, and Ortensia, Oswald’s girlfriend/wife, contact Mickey Mouse and bring him into the world. Mickey and Oswald team up to save the forgotten world (since only their combined powers can restore it).

The gameplay in Epic Mickey 2 closely resembles that of the original. One of the biggest updates is the addition of Oswald as a supporting character for Mickey; Oswald can either be controlled by the computer or a second player. Oswald uses a remote control in the same basic method as Mickey uses his paintbrush, to attack or befriend enemy characters and to alter the environment as needed to complete tasks. Oswald also has many other abilities, such as flying with his ears, taking off his leg, using his arms as boomerangs, etc. There are also some special abilities that can only be used when Mickey and Oswald are working together.”


So, Me and my Brother began playing Epic Mickey 2 (on Xbox 360), pretty much without any kind of expectations. The whole thing began with the ordinary “where is player 2”-confusion but after aprox 10 minutes of gameplay for player one, playing as Mickey, little Oswald appeared (player two).

The game gave a, little weird but still, Disney feel which is most likely what you want when you’re playing a game like this. To be honest we managed to suffer us through about the first half of the game before giving up.

What happened was that we got thrown in to a story about Mickey with his magic paint brush, running in to a world suffering from great destruction. One plus one means that we are now going to save the world.

Then suddenly we meet Oswald, how that happened neither of us understood so either that was kind of fuzzy or we obviously didn’t pay attention. So next question, who the f*ck is Oswald? After some discussion and Googeling we found that:

Oswald the Lucky Rabbit –Oswald the Lucky Rabbit (also known as Oswald the Rabbit or Oswald Rabbit) is an anthropomorphic rabbit and animated cartoon character created by Ub Iwerks and Walt Disney for funny animal films distributed by Universal Pictures in the 1920s and 1930s. Walt Disney was eventually separated from the project and went on to create Mickey Mouse. Charles Mintz, and later Walter Lantz, took over production, creating new Oswald cartoons until 1943.”


Oswald has a little remote control of some kind that controls electricity. Together with their two gadgets they are sent on a quest to save their damaged world.

The controls were pretty good, easy and natural. Nothing to complain about but not anything remarkable either. When we felt comfy as Mickey and Oswald it was okay playing, not directly fun, interesting or exiting but okay. We played for a couple of hours and then we ran in to the first boss fight. So we’re facing a huge fire spitting dragon. What happens is that by accident pressing the start button Oswald is on auto pilot and in the same moment big bad dragon falls to the ground and the achievement “Dragon Defeat” for 30G is given to player 1. For all us low-lifed gamers out here that is almost worth crying for. Missing out on achievements is not ok and the game gets a HUGE minus for even letting this happen!

After some grieving we decided to continue the path to a colorful and whole world in our, pretty lame, game. At this point we understand about 10% of the events in the game and playing a game where the story doesn’t make any sense is completely worthless. We give it one last effort and decide pretty quickly to give up this project.

Truth be told, we just stumbled over this game by accident and have not played the precursor therefor I guess we have ourselves to blame for the story confusion.


Sound – the sounds and music in the game is nothing I’ve even noticed so there is nothing for me to evaluate. But I think it says alot about it anyways..

Animation – the animations were okay, but come on! Disney is one of the biggest companies in the world and for “pathetically rich” okay is not good enough. 5/10

Story – As said it was a confusing, fuzzy and not very catching story. Maybe more clear if we had played Epic Mickey. But I really think that there were some potential that just drained. Too bad. 5/10

Co-op Friendliness –  If I was about to sit through this game on my own I would either die of boredom or (probably) go for next game within the first gaming hour, so obviously it was pretty friendly.  6/10

Complexity & Suitable Age – If you look at the complexity level of this game is really one of the worst kind. They say that it’s suitable for ages 7 and up, but if we as two grown people can’t figure out how to go trough a level without youtubeing like crazy for walkthroughs I’m pretty sure that a seven-year-old would cry exactly as much as we did while playing Chip ‘N Dale Rescue Rangers on NES as kids (or maybe last week…). This makes me a little irritated, because I feel like an idiot while playing this kind of games. Complexity 7/10 Suitable Age 14+

Interest – 3/10

Luck vs. Skill – I really don’t think there is any way to be lucky in this game. Maybe the ability to see things and understand how to interact with them can be replaced with some luck.. 2/10

Total Grade for Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two